What are you doing?

We are pleased to introduce our board chair, Marci Silva. Marci has mentored with us since 2016 and has brought with her a background in interpersonal relations and community building. Along with her other duties, she will be writing our monthly newsletter. We’re grateful that she has offered to share her mentoring thoughts and life experiences with our readers. Welcome, Marci, and thank you for this month's story. – The MN

This week a quote I read from Martin Luther King Jr. caught my attention: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'” This time of year we honor the influence of past and present leaders by celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and President’s Day. I hope that as we reflect on some of our many inspirational leaders, we also remember to honor those that mentored and influenced them. I spent some time researching a diverse group of historical figures, a majority of them spoke of at least one mentor. I read of teachers, neighbors, parents, friends, spiritual leaders, and peers being named as mentors. I learned how their influence molded the historical figures we still honor today. Rosa Parks named Septima Clark as one of her mentors. Albert Einstein listed his father, as well as Max Talmey as two of the mentors in his life. Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke of many that influenced her, the first was her mother. Benjamin Franklin and James Logan both named the other as a mentor. Bessie Coleman was mentored by philanthropists Robert Abbott and Jesse Binga. Socrates mentored Plato and Plato mentored Aristotle. Amelia Earhart was mentored by Neta Snook. J.J. Abrams was mentored by Steven Spielberg. The list is never ending! Why? Because we all need a mentor! As I read and learned more of these relationships I was left wondering what doors are our efforts today opening for tomorrow? How is one hour a week impacting a mentee? A mentor? Our community? Our country? Our world? We may never realize the full impact of our efforts, or the lasting effects as they ripple out to those around us. As we honor and remember leaders and mentors throughout history, I want to thank and honor all of you as well. Perhaps you are a mentor, a past mentee, a financial supporter, maybe you share our story. Whatever your contribution is, I thank you for making The Mentoring Network what it is today. I hope you realize what you are doing for our community by being a part of our organization. This month and next, as we honor some of the leaders that changed the history of our great nation, please also join us in remembering and celebrating the contributions of the mentors of yesterday, today, and tomorrow!


Marci Silva Board Chair The Mentoring Network Inc. www.MentoringNetworkID.org One hour, once a week, transforms lives

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