Sight Words

Sight words. Words that teachers try to instill in young readers so that they know the words by sight without having to decode them.  For example:  a, and, after, because, being, could, I, in, of, out, the, and whole.  Once learned, they can be used to help find the meaning of other words, as in the sentence below:

After being outside in the sun I feel I could xertz a whole glass of water.

By knowing your sight words, you should have a pretty good idea of what the sentence means, even if some obscure words are used. On a different scale, we are looking for words that immediately pop into your mind’s eye when you think about The Mentoring Network and what it entails. What are the top 10 words you would use to tell others about The Mentoring Network so they understand what we do and what mentoring is about without having to decode it?   It’s interesting to think about and quickly defines what you believe, either as mentor or a friend of The Mentoring Network.  It might be something worth asking your mentees as well. Individual words are micro-summaries of more complex beliefs. What are your sight words for mentoring? I would love to hear them HERE

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