Sharing Your Superpower!

“My time with my mentee proved to be wonderful. She is a sweet soul. She gave a fantastic tour! She showed me her work hanging on the wall. It was an “all about me” project. Hers was lacking several components…a portrait…some of her “favorites” but sadly, she didn’t identify her “superpower”. As our tour continued, I got to see the incredible crocheted animals WHICH was the source of a tender moment that my mentee named each of them…quite creatively- I pointed out to her. Her face lit up after my observation regarding her creativity and she jumped up and down and said …”THAT’S MY SUPERPOWER!” Immediately, we went to her assignment and filled in the superpower she realized today!" Everyone has something unique and beautiful to contribute to our world. Oftentimes the children we work with struggle to identify the gifts they have to offer. As mentors we are blessed with so many opportunities to help these children see how wonderful they are! Our job as a mentor may seem simple at times--we show up, we listen, we laugh, we encourage, we care, we support, we give time. What we view as simple gifts are far more than that to children who recognize their superpowers because of how beautifully we display ours. We teach them to recognize how their unique traits and personality contribute to their superpowers. We celebrate creativity and differences. And the testimony we hear over and over…as mentors we gain more than we give! This, my friends, is how superheroes are created! --

Marci Silva Board Chair The Mentoring Network Inc. One hour, once a week, transforms lives

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