Seasoned with Hope

“It's been 18 months since I've seen the sweet girl I mentor . She thought

she'd never see me again. Pretty sure this mentoring thing is as much

for me as her!” Mentor, 2 years in The MN

“I met with my mentee for the first time today. It was a sweet reunion. She had no idea I was coming or why she was being called to the office. So good to see her again.” Mentor, 3 years in The MN

“I received the sweetest letter from my mentee. I surprised him for lunch. His counselor is wonderful!” Mentor, 2 years in The MN

After many months of uncertainty and touch-and-go mentoring, we are now tasting the hope of things set right. Mentors are checking in to tell us about seeing their mentee after months apart. Counselors are letting us know of the light-filled beaming smiles that shine from the faces of children who hear that their faithful friends will be consistently coming again.

Most would agree that it has been a rough time for many. Our kids who come from high-risk situations have been especially vulnerable. Many have changed schools and school districts. Many are looking for any form of stability. Mentoring offers that and gives youth hope to settle in, grow, and pursue their dreams.

Matched 11 years, these two were friends from day one. Whenever we’d talk to

Sue she’d tell us how proud she was of Dustin, how kind he was, how athletic,

how resilient, and what a great person. She wanted to be there to support and

watch him grow. We were delighted to let her know we’d found him again and

that he wanted to reconnect. We received this update from Sue after their

dinner together.

“I had such a nice time with Dustin. He made the President’s List at college! I am so proud of him; he seems to have his head on straight for sure. Oh, and while we were talking at dinner, a lady at the table next to us was listening to our conversation. She ended up paying for our dinner.”

Be the sort of friend who inspires and brings hope to those overhearing your story. Dustin’s words were even more poignant:

"Think about where you are in life right now; reflect on how many people helped

get you to where you are. Now think about the kids who don't have a friend, parent,

or even siblings to help guide them. This is why The Mentoring Network is a blessing to kids like me. The support, guidance, and the feeling of having a true friend on your side lifts your spirit and makes you feel like anything can be accomplished as long as

you have that one person who truly believes in you and has your back. If it wasn't for my mentor, Sue, who knows if I would be on the President’s List at my college or even in college. She's the one that made me realize that grades matter for where I was trying to go in life. Even more important are the MENTORS themselves! There could never be enough mentors for kids coming from a rough spot. Being one of those kids and being grown up now has made me want to become a mentor myself. Will you join me on this fantastic experience?"