Gone All ‘Pioneer’

“Everyone’s gone all ‘pioneer’ these days,” said my neighbor as she talked about being unable to buy yeast for her bread machine.

Who would have dreamt a year ago that yeast would be one of this year’s hot selling items?

People have slowed down enough to make bread. And they are eating it together as a family.

Buying seeds and plants for the garden has been challenging. They are another surprising success.

People are taking time to plant gardens as a family.

People are going for walks together as a family.

Repair men are checking on elderly clients and asking them to “please call the office if they need help with anything at all”.

People are laying down their rights so they can pick up the universal obligation that supersedes those rights: The obligation to be kind to one another.

As the world opens up again, please continue to be a pioneer in the new old way of living.

Take time to learn new things.

Take time to be together as a family.

Slow down.

Love one another.

Always be kind.

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