A Second Chance

I was visiting with some people who were involved in a group hiring. They told me about a candidate who didn’t interview very well and was close to the bottom of their list. Out of the blue the group received a call from this candidate asking for a second chance to interview. He explained he was very nervous and knew he wasn’t his best self in the first interview. The group, although not really confident anything would change, granted his request. He did an amazing job and they loved him. In fact, they just extended a job offer to him.

This story made me think of our mentees. Some of them go to school and quickly earn a bad reputation when they do not make a good first impression. Then something magical happens: they are matched with a mentor. Suddenly they are given a chance to spend time with a friend who shows up just to get to know them. When this match takes place, we see confidence grow week after week, behaviors improve, attendance increases, many positive changes begin to happen. All these kids need is an opportunity to overcome the first impression and show their best self. Having a mentor gives them that chance.

“I was having an identity issue, I didn’t really know who I was, I was going down a path that wasn’t favorable that could have led to my demise. My mentor was there, she sat back and waited, but was there. I was at a party and was thinking about my life when it dawned on me that these so-called friends I was hanging out with, the choices I was making—they were not really me. When I was with my mentor, that is when I was really me. My mentor brought out the parts of me that I loved most.” –a Mentoring Network mentee

Regardless of where we are in life, we all need a chance to show the best version of ourselves. Being a mentor allows us to highlight the good, celebrate success, and have great discussions around opportunities for change. We get to be a safe place for our mentee to share their fears and frustrations and to cheer with them when they do well. What an honor to see their confidence grow! Thank you for all you are doing to make a difference in the life of a child.

Smiles! --

Marci Silva Board Chair The Mentoring Network Inc. www.MentoringNetworkID.org One hour, once a week, transforms lives

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