Anybody Got a Green Crayon?

Want to understand mentoring? It’s sharing what you have. Want to know if you've been mentored? Who have you learned from? January is National Mentoring Month. It's a time to be more aware of what is happening every day. Life is a masterpiece with colors and textures overlapping, connecting, and blending all lives together. No one has all the colors; everyone has some colors. Share what you have and be aware of what you need. Are you blessed with the red of kindness, the yellow of joy, and the blue of common sense? As you live your life you are sharing those colors with others who need them. Is your masterpiece missing purple of patience? Find a patient person and learn from them...and thank them for what you learn. We work with kids who are struggling with the colors they have. If you have some lime yellow listening skills, some titanium consistency, and a desire to help someone blend hope into their lives, we would love to have you mentoring with us. Mentoring, however, isn’t just about kids. Everyone is living the masterpiece. Everyone needs to share; everyone needs to receive. Think about your colors. What do you have to give? What do you need to learn? Now go out and find someone to give to and someone to learn from.

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