Do you have any leftovers?

I hope you’ve been able to spend some quality time with your friends and family during this Christmas holiday. Likewise, I hope your yesterday was filled with fine food and fun…maybe even some nice presents. And I hope you are able to relax and unwind as we prepare for the coming new year. I wonder if you have any leftovers? Not the food sort—though Aunt Janie’s orange cranberry dessert really is the best. I’m wondering about leftover time. As you think about your priorities for next year, do you think you have an hour a week you might spend with a child? We have such a need for mentors to just show up and be a friend. They need someone to show up consistently and be a listening ear. You may have received nice presents yesterday; just think what a blessing it would be to give a child your kind presence? Some of you may be looking for places to make your year-end donations. Remember we are a 501 (c)3 EIN: 83-0430291 and we are a solid place to invest in the future of our community by helping us serve more children. Many of you are already giving an hour a week, and we end this year with a HUGE “Thank You” for your dedication to our cherished young people. Please reach out to the good people you know and tell them you think they would be a fine mentor…then send them our way! You can sign up to mentor or donate at our website: May your new year be filled with blessings!

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