Horsethief 2019

We had a fantastic day camp at the YMCA camp at Horsethief, Idaho. Kids and mentors had such a great time spending the day together.

“I love seeing people realize they CAN do scary things and succeed!” --Mentor “I am grateful for the opportunity to go to Horsethief for the day. I had so much fun—especially zip-lining and swimming. I felt more calm and peaceful when I was in the canoe. Thank you so much for the fun day. I am thankful for being in the mentoring program.”--Mentee “My favorite was canoe and archery because I get to make new friends and learn new things.” –Mentee “I just want to say a big THANK YOU! I had a wonderful time. My favorite part was zip lining, the reason is because once I was in the air I felt like I was free from all my problems.” --Mentee Thank you to our donor who makes our annual day camp adventures attainable. What a huge opportunity for a great bunch of kids! Thank you to Treasure Valley Transit for providing the transportation to Horsethief and back. Terri & Miranda, you two are great! We LOVE Tom, the wonderful bus driver who came in on his day off to make the trip work. Thank you for always leading the way in true community spirit. Thank you to the staff at the YMCA camp for making us all feel welcome and safe, insuring we had a fun day of adventures. Thank you to our mentors who bent over backwards to get paperwork signed, made sure each mentee had what they needed, and helped get them to the meeting point, as well as, being brave and encouraging while participating alongside the mentees during the day camp. Thanks also for the candid photos of the trip! And, Tom Price for coming along to take ‘official' photos and being an extra mentor throughout the day. We could not have done it without you! Lastly, thank you to all our supporters who make mentoring and these fun trips possible by your support both through volunteer time and your donations. You are the wonderful!

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