Network Defined

I may have mentioned it before, but did you know that this is our 20th year serving the youth of Canyon and Owyhee counties? It made me think about the “network” part of our name. That’s really what we do. We find great people who want to spend an hour with a kid, just being there and being a friend. Each person we find has a unique background with varying gifts, trainings, and stories to share. Each person, when matched, shares with a child a distinct perspective on life and helps the child view the world in a larger way. The networking takes place when we need another mentor who has some of the same traits. We’ll reach out to an active mentor, business person, or great community member and see if they know someone like them or know someone in the same field. Invariably, someone we talk to knows of a potential mentor. When they reach out to them it’s personal. Someone who had never thought of themselves as a mentor suddenly realizes that another person believes in them. It’s a connection. When the child is matched with the new mentor, the mentor is also connected by that networking. That net is a safety net, allowing us to help kids reach goals and dreams as community members form the lines of support to keep them on the right path. Remember, 99% of the youth we work with graduate and 99% stay out of the juvenile justice system. That’s because of people like you, networked together. For example, if I have a child interested in aeronautics and need a pilot or air mechanic, I can call a mentor who knows pilots and mechanics and he will find a way to connect the youth. As a child talks with more people who support their dream, the dream becomes solid and truly attainable. As great community members, I want to thank you for supporting our youth, by mentoring, sharing what you know, and supporting us financially. Please continue to reach out to people you think would be good mentors. We need as many as we can get to help as many youth as we can!

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