To be a Thinker

Through this month we’ve been giving year end surveys to the kids who have mentors. Often we get sweet and amusing replies. One of my favorites this year was a young first grader who, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up replied, “I want to be a thinker.”

What a fantastic plan and one she can start practicing right away.

What’s a thinker?

Maybe a thinker is someone who thanks people that aren’t always thanked. Like the janitor. Learning their names and maybe even making them cookies for keeping the building clean and inviting? Thinking they might like to know they are appreciated.

Maybe a thinker is someone who thinks about their reaction when the cashier is grumpy and instead of adding to the grumps, asks how their day is and wishes them a good day, by name? Thinking they might have a lot going on and could use some support.

Maybe a thinker is someone invisible. One of those people you see on the street or in an office but don’t really see? Someone who you think of as a good, reliable person, but without the pizzazz to put themselves forward. It could be they are thinking that the future is important and they want to make a difference in some way. If we find them, we’ll ask them to think about becoming a mentor.

What if you are also a thinker and are thinking the same thing? Maybe if you let them know you see them and that you think they might be a good person to show up and be thinkers with a young person, they might want to mentor and help us show these young ones how to be thinkers too.

The same little one wanted me to tell her mentor, “You're really kind and I'll miss you over the summer.” As you enjoy your summer break, please be thinking about who you know who might be a good person in a child’s life. We could sure use some more thinkers like that.

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