Donna's Ditties: March 2019

Hello Friends!

Happy Spring!

This is our 20th year serving Canyon and Owyhee counties. It is impossible to thank you enough for your continued support of our area youth!

Please continue to reach out to those you know and invite the amazing people you know to join us in mentoring our local youth. We still have outstanding requests in all districts (Caldwell, Homedale, Nampa, Parma, and Vallivue) so if you know someone who might enjoy sharing what they know with a child, please contact us!

One of our longtime mentors, Dave, has offered to share his time answering questions and acting as a soundboard for other mentors. Sometimes just talking through a concern or question can make all the difference. If you would like to contact him you can email him at:

Thank you making a difference in your community through your commitment to our local kids!


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