11 for March

We made 11 matches in March. Considering that the last week in March is spring break, we were happy with that.

11 matches in a month is a good statistic. What does that number mean?

It means that 7 women and 3 men are giving an hour a week of their lives because they believe they can help a child succeed. It means a college student rearranges her day so she can give a child some one-on-one attention. It means a local coach uses his coaching skills to teach life lessons to 2 mentees. It means a nephew stepping in to mentor when his aunt is no longer able. It means retired people wanting to invest and give back to their community in a practical manner. It means some kids who have a few interests will soon have more. It means their tough days will have a bright spot in them. It means that good seeds of wisdom will be planted, even if it takes years for them to ripen in the heart of a child.

We made 11 matches in March. Who do you know that you can ask to mentor so that we can do the same in April?

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