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The Mentoring Moment...

I recently had my teeth cleaned. Now, as you know, if you can get the hygienist or dentist talking, you are less likely to have to answer questions with all sorts of equipment hanging out of your mouth. I asked the hygienist to tell me who the mentors were in his life and to talk about mentoring in general. His dad was top on the list as being someone always there as an example and as one who held him accountable for his actions. Also on the list was the teacher who had been a Marine. He was looked up to and respected for what he was and what he said was weighted by that respect. After some brainstorming, he reflected, “You have to look for the mentoring moment. Look for a place where you can be an example and an encouragement to a kid. A lot of people will ignore or scold. Your interaction with a child may only be for a moment, but if you can encourage and show by example in that small area of time, it might just be a moment that will stick with them the rest of their lives.” I liked that…a mentoring moment. As you live your everyday life, remember to look for those mentoring moments…not just for youth, but for anyone who might need an encouraging word and an example of how to be their best.


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