Just checking in...

Once again I want to add another day to September in order to get things completed in a timely manner. If I had a September 31st, I’d have this newsletter out in time!

As you know from your own lives, time can be tricky. Meetings come up, company arrives unexpectedly, and illness occurs…all unpredictable events that help us remember to go with the flow.

The kids we work with are very resilient and are also able to go with the flow…so long as they are kept in the loop of what is happening. When they know you will be gone, they miss you and are anxious to see you again, but they are ok with it. When they don’t know you will be gone…when you just don’t show up…they worry. They wonder if they’ve done something so you don’t want to see them. They worry that you are hurt. If their lives are chaotic, they will often think they’ve been abandoned again.

When you are unable to meet with a child, please be sure to call the school and let them know what’s happening. If you are concerned that the child won’t get the message, contact us and we’ll do our best to see that they get the word. If you’re going on a trip, consider dropping them a postcard (ask us and we’ll get you the address) so they know you are in their thoughts.

Communication is the key in most of life events and with children is should be a high priority.

Remember, you show up once a week because you care about these children and want to be their friend. You are the person they wait to see every week because of that.

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