Donna's Ditties: July 2018

Hello Friends!

Are you staying cool in this heat wave? I hope you are doing well.

We had a fantastic time at the YMCA camp at Horsethief. Thank you to the Kubiak family for making this trip possible, to TVT (Tom…you are awesome!) for providing transportation, and to the wonderful volunteers...both mentors and those from the YMCA, for their guidance and constant encouragement of our youth. Thank you to Luana for providing the great, memorable photos of the day, and thanks to Trent for not having to use your EMT skills.

Who do you know that would be a great mentor? Please reach out to them and have them contact us. We would love to have a group of trained mentors ready to match when school starts up again in the fall.

If you haven’t already done so, please let us know your mentoring hours for last semester. You can post them at: . You can also email them to us or if you want to turn them in on paper, we can mail you a log sheet. We so appreciate your help with this!

Thank you for being such a strong member of our community.

Keep cool!


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