You brought kindness to me...

To help you get your summer off to a great start, we will let you read some of the quotes from our kids' year end surveys: I have a feeling I have a bond with her that can't be broken. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to see me and when you can't, letting me know that you'll make it up to me. She would listen to me when nobody would. She's really nice and she helps me with a lot of stuff. I feel that she's a really helpful person. And she talks with a joyful voice and she also sometimes brings us to different rooms and plays activities. She also helps me with being honest and getting along with others and I really like going with her too. We do a lot of stuff together. She listens to me when I have ideas. When I need help, she helps. She's a person you like to have. I'm really happy I have a mentor ‘cause some kids don't. I think I'd like to have him again. He's really cool. He's someone I can trust and I can talk to if there's something going on at home. We've got a bond. One of the persons who I feel I can trust. He's done a lot for me. My mentor has helped me with a lot, she helps me with things at home and to be more happy. She is loving and caring, I am by far a better person now and she makes the dim days brighter. I thank her because I see her more than a friend, I see her as a part of my family. So grateful that you are my mentor. You taught me everything I need to know. You helped me change my ways. You helped me feel better about myself and everybody.

Thank you for teaching me self-control, how to make friends, how organization and responsibility go together. I can't wait to see you again next year! Thank you for helping me stay calm and loving who I am. Thank you for listening to me and about my family and talking to me and making feel better about myself. Thank you that you've actually dealt with me and stuck through it all and been positive through all. Well, I love my mentor she is the best she helps me with school work, motivates me, helps with grades, and does so much for my family. Thank you for being the best mentor in the world. I hope I get you forever. You brought kindness to me when I needed it the most.

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