Donna's Ditties: June 2018

I hope you are having a wonderful summer. What are you doing for fun?

This Saturday, we will be taking the mentees who are 12 and older who signed up to the YMCA Camp at Horsethief. Stay tuned next month for photos!

Who do you know that would be a great mentor? Please reach out to them and have them contact us. We would love to have a group of trained mentors ready to match when school starts up again in the fall.

If we were able to interview your mentee, you should have received an email with that feedback. If you haven't received this email, please let us know so we can see what happened or let you know if the child was unavailable to complete their survey. We will also be sending a survey soon to get your take on how mentoring went this past school year.

Your mentoring hours are so important to our organization, allowing us to show funders the commitment our engaged volunteers give each year. Please post your hours for last semester and this semester. You can post them at: . You can also email them to us or if you want to turn them in on paper, we can mail you a log sheet. We so appreciate your help with this!

Thank you for all your incredible help to make a difference in the lives of our local youth!


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