The Mentoring Network: Hittin' the Wall

I recently had a worn out joint replaced. Surgery went great. Recovery was coming along really well. I was a walking Pollyanna sing-along, until I hit The Wall.

Kerspat and thunk.

Come to find out, healing takes time and I don't get to set the pace.

I had to slow w-a-y down and let my body take its own time to recover. Some days I feel like I've made great progress, others I feel like I've hopped backwards 12 steps, but I know I'm healing and in time I'll be as right as rain.

As mentors it is very likely that you will someday feel like you've hit a wall. The child you are working with may seem to change over night. You may feel like you are working with a different person. It's frustrating and feels like you've moved backwards 12 steps. Hang in there! Healing of the heart takes time as well. Please just continue to show up and be there to listen when they are ready to talk or just be someone they can depend on. With mentoring you don't get to set the pace, you show up and care, and listen, and wait. You are sometimes the only one to see the invisible child.

When you hit The Wall, please reach out to us and to other mentors. Sometimes a listening ear is all it takes to make the picture clear up. Sometimes additional intervention by the school counselor is in order. To support these youth we must support each other.

Thank you for your prayers and patience while I recover. Want a way to help? Ask someone you know if they would like to mentor a child. We have such a need.

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