The Mentoring Network: Seeds

Take a moment to look around; seeds are everywhere this time of year. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and packages.

Seeds are either usable right away for food (think birds, squirrels, and yummy roasted pumpkin seeds) or they are something that can planted to grow at a later time when the season is right. Some provide immediate nourishment and some you have to wait patiently through the long winter for any sign of life. Isn’t it interesting that weeds have seeds too? So the garden can be filled with flowers and fruit or weeds depending on what lands in the soil and depending on how the garden is cared for.

Relationships are so similar. You have an opportunity to plant seeds with everyone you meet along the way. A quick smile can bring immediate nourishment. Being kind and showing someone that they are important to you plants a seed. You may never see the fruit, but someday that person might remember that you cared for them when they were all alone.

A frown or a hurtful response does the reverse. It plants a weed. Enough weeds in a life will suffocate the good and stifle the light.

Mentoring a child plants seeds each time you meet. Showing up consistently when you say you will, telling the truth, being kind, listening…all these things plant seeds that may lie dormant, but are there to awake when the season is right. It may be exactly what a young person needs to remember when faced with a difficult choice. Many may already be suffocating with bad seeds planted in their young lives. You, as mentors, have an opportunity to plant and nourish the good seeds by your faithful friendship.

Thank you for being sowers of good. May you always do so.

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