The Mentoring Network: Connections

“Who’s Kelli? Is she here?” Those were the questions I was bombarded with after her mentee’s talk at our mentor gathering last night and this morning in my emails.

If you click the photo to watch the video link to the right, you’ll see why. Kelli has mentored Peter for 8 years. One hour a week she just showed up and was a friend. Like so many of our mentors, she wondered if she was really making an impact and doubted herself. But she was faithful. She just kept showing up. Pete graduated from high school last spring and after graduation he told Kelli what her friendship has meant to him. She had no idea the impact she has made. Mentoring is hard work often because mentors are the last to know they are making an impact. People looking for Kelli last night were looking for someone larger than life. If you want to see her you’ll have to look in the background. She’s not one to take center stage. She’s the friend who will always have your back, but will never barge in. If you want to meet someone like Kelli who makes such an impact on a life, start by looking in the mirror. If you are investing your time to connect with a young person, you are impacting that life. If you are connecting with someone you meet at the store with a smile or “Have a great day!” you are impacting that life. Take the time to connect. Connections that seem trivial just might be the lifeline someone needs to find their way.



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