October 25, 2019

The term “neighbor,” can conjure a number of connotations.

On the negative side, everyone can probably come up with a “bad neighbor” experience, from a Nosy Nellie to the never-ending yappy dog.

I have quite a fondness for the basic term since my dear departed husband, Bob, would introduce me as “my neighbor, Jeanne” — actually, up until the day we married. I was his neighbor, two doors down; that was our “meet cute” story.

I want to introduce you to someone who could be listed in the Mr. Rogers universe of neighbors.
Dave Adams of Nampa was recently named a Great Neighbor. In fact, Adams came in second in the nation after being nominated for The Great Neighbor Shout Out Contest by his friend and neighbor Kathy McCandless. The nationwide contest, which looked for people who went “above and beyond” for neighbors, the neighborhood and community, garnered more than 200,000 nominations and sifted through 7,000 applications to come up with five finalists. It was co-sponsored by a CBS sit...

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