To be a Thinker

Through this month we’ve been giving year end surveys to the kids who have mentors. Often we get sweet and amusing replies. One of my favorites this year was a young first grader who, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up replied, “I want to be a thinker.” What a fantastic plan and one she can start practicing right away. What’s a thinker? Maybe a thinker is someone who thanks people that aren’t always thanked. Like the janitor. Learning their names and maybe even making them cookies for keeping the building clean and inviting? Thinking they might like to know they are appreciated. Maybe a thinker is someone who thinks about their reaction when the cashier is grumpy and instead

Donna's Ditties: May 2019

Hello Friends! Summer is quickly approaching! I hope you have talked with your mentees about seeing them again in the fall. This gives them something to look forward to over the break. Mentors, we would love to have your mentoring hours for the Spring semester (and fall if you haven’t turned them in yet). You can turn them in online HERE , email them to us, or if you want to turn them in on paper, we can mail you a log sheet. Your hours are so important to our organization, allowing us to show funders the commitment our engaged volunteers give each year. We so appreciate your help with this! Please continue to reach out to those you know and invite the amazing people you know to join us in m

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