Seasons of Growth

Have you noticed how much things have grown the last couple of weeks? I can’t keep up with the grass and the flowers and bushes have filled out into magnificent splendor. I thought the fig tree hadn’t made it—yes, they do grow in Idaho--but today it too has burst into leaf. It’s the season of growth. As you mentor, you will see seasons of growth as well. Youth grow physically as well as mentally and emotionally. One week you might talk with a child and the next you’ll suddenly realize they have become a young adult. The mentoring stays the same. You show up and you listen. You remain consistent and caring and let the child or young adult guide. Remember you will generally be the last person

Donna's Ditties: April 2019

Hello Friends! We have so many kids that I would love to match before the school year is out. It’s such a big deal when a mentor matched at the end of the school year shows up in the fall to mentor again. The kids are always amazed and start to realize that someone cares enough to show up again. Do you know someone you could ask to be a mentor? I would love to fill all the requests before school is done for the season. Please send those you know would make great mentors here! ISAT testing is in full swing. I want to thank you for your patience during this time of schedule changes and time adjustments. Remember to call ahead before you head to mentoring and ask specifically if your mentee mig

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