The Mentoring Moment...

I recently had my teeth cleaned. Now, as you know, if you can get the hygienist or dentist talking, you are less likely to have to answer questions with all sorts of equipment hanging out of your mouth. I asked the hygienist to tell me who the mentors were in his life and to talk about mentoring in general. His dad was top on the list as being someone always there as an example and as one who held him accountable for his actions. Also on the list was the teacher who had been a Marine. He was looked up to and respected for what he was and what he said was weighted by that respect. After some brainstorming, he reflected, “You have to look for the mentoring moment. Look for a place where

Donna's Ditties: October 2018

Hello Friends! Wow! Haven't the fall colors been incredible? I hope everyone has been able to spend some time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. The Mentoring Network board has once again organized a fun-tastic Bowl-a-thon fundraiser on Saturday, October 27 at Nampa Bowl from 1:00 to 4:00. Drop by to say "Hi!" and check out the great raffle items we have for this event. Money made will be used to serve more local youth by finding and supporting amazing mentors. Contact us if you have questions. How are things going with mentoring? We would love to hear from you. Please contact us if you have stories to tell or concerns to share. Thank you to Master Mentor Dave for organizing a Nampa men

Just checking in...

Once again I want to add another day to September in order to get things completed in a timely manner. If I had a September 31st, I’d have this newsletter out in time! As you know from your own lives, time can be tricky. Meetings come up, company arrives unexpectedly, and illness occurs…all unpredictable events that help us remember to go with the flow. The kids we work with are very resilient and are also able to go with the flow…so long as they are kept in the loop of what is happening. When they know you will be gone, they miss you and are anxious to see you again, but they are ok with it. When they don’t know you will be gone…when you just don’t show up…they worry. They wonder if they

Donna's Ditties: September 2018

Hello Friends! I hope you are enjoying the cooler autumn weather. It’s always nice to watch the leaves change color. Our Mentor Gratitude Gathering on September 19 was a wonderful time of fellowship with one another at the Nampa Civic Center. Mentors got to meet other mentors and hear some of our older kids explain why mentoring was so important to them. Money was raised for kid scholarships and lots of smiling faces were seen. If you had planned to come, but weren't able to make it, it's never too late to donate to The MN kids scholarship fund. Those that attended helped raise over $1,300. We are so grateful to the generous raffle/auction item donors. And, so grateful to all who purcha

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