Donna's Ditties: April 2018

I hope you are doing well! We have so many kids that I would love to match before the school year is out. It’s such a big deal when a mentor matched at the end of the school year shows up in the fall to mentor again. The kids are always amazed and start to realize that someone cares enough to show up again. Do you know someone you could ask to be a mentor? I would love to fill all the requests before school is done for the season. Please send those you know would make great mentors here! ISAT testing is in full swing. I want to thank you for your patience during this time of schedule changes and time adjustments. Remember to call ahead before you head to mentoring and ask specifically if you

I like having a mentor because...

We are in the midst of doing our year end surveys with the kids in the program. It’s our chance to see them one-on-one and get their take on how mentoring is going. Their replies are often fun, funny, and thought provoking. For example, when I asked one child what he hoped to be when he grew up he replied, “A forger.” Much to my relief, a couple extra questions showed he wanted to be a welder, not a counterfeiter. Consistently across the board youth listed two things that they found most helpful in having a mentor. It wasn’t the activities, though they all enjoy the games and projects. It wasn’t how much schooling or how smart their mentors were. It wasn’t what their mentors wore or looked l

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