Donna's Ditties: March 2018

Happy spring to you! I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather. I want to thank Lincoln Elementary and Caldwell School District and Maxine Johnson Elementary and Parma School District for hosting a gathering to thank the mentors who work with the youth there. We had a great time hearing stories from mentors, youth, and counselors about the impact one hour a week makes in the lives of the children and the community. Thank you both for your great hospitality! We have a large group of mentors to match this next month, but we would love to have more! It’s so great to have matches that start near the end of the year start up again in the fall. The child is always amazed the mentor comes back. Do

Spring is Breaking...

Spring break! I hope everyone is having a chance to enjoy the lovely weather. Spring is a wonderful time to reflect on new growth: tiny leaves coming to life after winter, flowers starting to bloom, and little birds building nests. It is all happening around us. Growth is happening with the youth we work with as well. A child says “thank you” after several years of not seeming to notice. A teen sees the example being set by his mentor and chooses a different path from the one he is on. A girl who doesn’t know what a hobby is starts to find pleasure in learning a new thing. All these are little signs but ones that can reap great rewards as mentors continue to model what a kind, faithful frie

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