Donna's Ditties: February 2018

Hello my friends, I hope you are doing well this winter. I have some spring bulbs popping up already! Your hours are so important to our organization, allowing us to show funders the commitment our engaged volunteers give each year. Please post your Fall semester hours. You can post them at HERE. You can also email them to us or if you want to turn them in on paper, we can mail you a log sheet. We so appreciate your help with this! We found the article by Lauren Macey in the Idaho Press Tribune thought provoking and wanted to share the link HERE. I want to thank our board for their tremendous work and support. We had a gathering last month at Dan Price's home with board members past and pre

The Mentoring Network: Hittin' the Wall

I recently had a worn out joint replaced. Surgery went great. Recovery was coming along really well. I was a walking Pollyanna sing-along, until I hit The Wall. Kerspat and thunk. Come to find out, healing takes time and I don't get to set the pace. I had to slow w-a-y down and let my body take its own time to recover. Some days I feel like I've made great progress, others I feel like I've hopped backwards 12 steps, but I know I'm healing and in time I'll be as right as rain. As mentors it is very likely that you will someday feel like you've hit a wall. The child you are working with may seem to change over night. You may feel like you are working with a different person. It's frustrating

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