The Mentoring Network

The Mentoring Network, Inc. serves five rural school districts (Nampa, Caldwell, Parma, Homedale, Vallivue) offering school-based mentoring to at-risk students, grades 1st-8th.

The goals of the mentoring program are to improve at-risk students' attendance, grades, and behaviors through friendship building with responsible, caring adults (18yrs. and older) who meet with their student one hour, once a week, on the school grounds, during the school year.

Invest in a Child;
Invest in Community


Mentoring Referral Checklist

  1. IDENTIFY a student who could benefit from an adult mentor.
  1. COMPLETE “Initial Mentor Request” & fax it to us (454-8809).
  1. ASK faculty, staff, and friends if they are interested in mentoring. Any mentors you refer will be placed at your school. You are your own best resource. HERE is a copy of a wonderful letter that one of our counselors used to reach out to an individual she knew would make a great mentor.
  1. Once we find a mentor, WE WILL CONTACT you. You will then be allowed to INVITE the student into the program to be matched with a mentor, explaining to the child what a mentor is. 

  2. If the student is interested CONTACT the parent, by phone for verbal permission. The parent is told that forms will be sent home with the child that day and will need to be completed and returned the following day.

  3. SEND forms home with student (“Parent Letter”, “Permission Form”,“Confidentiality Policy”, “Release School Form”, “Release Match Form”).
  1. Once the parent forms are completed and returned, COMPLETE the “Student Enrollment Profile” form.
  1. FAX all forms to The Mentoring Network at 454-8809.

The Executive Director will call the school to set up a “match meeting” at the next convenient time.

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