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The Mentoring Network, Inc. serves five rural school districts (Nampa, Caldwell, Parma, Homedale, Vallivue) offering school-based mentoring to at-risk students, grades 1st-8th.

The goal is to provide school-based, direct-to-youth mentoring that will improve life outcomes for vulnerable and disengaged children by developing resilience skills, supporting the development of personal strengths, and increasing self-sufficiency through friendship building with responsible, caring adults (18yrs. and older) who meet with their student one hour, once a week, on the school grounds, during the school year.

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The MN Bowl-a-Thon

November 7th
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September 31st


I've been a bit behind this month so I thought we could just add an extra day to the end of September. There is a lot I could do with an extra 24hrs of time. Granted, it would mess the rhyme up, not to mention the calendars. But I've been busy: lots of things to do; lots of things to get done.

Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. We are allotted a certain amount of time and it's up to us to prioritize what is important to us. What has worked for me is to make sure I have time for the BIG things, and then I can fill up any extra time with the non-essentials.

One BIG thing you can prioritize is the time you give to a child.

One hour a week truly does transform lives. If you are willing to take out some non-essentials and designate that hour to help a child in need, I guarantee the time invested will bring rewards that will benefit the child, the community, and the world. In the process, you will reap the rewards. As one mentor wrote to me this week, "Mentoring always gives me way more back than I put into it. It is one of my joys in life."

Thank you to those who are giving your time to help a child.

For those of you interested in doing something BIG for a child, please contact us! We would love to have your help!

Kid's Quotes


"Thank you for helping me find ways to be better and get through the school year easier and to make better decisions."

Mentee, grade 6, 3 year in The MN


Summer Day Camp Fun Thanks to 4H
Blazing Hope Youth Family Camp!

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Service Projects

One of our mentor/mentee pairs painted a cheery poster picture of a spring day that said 'Spring Brings Brighter Days' for a senior through CCOA.

Looking for a project to do with your mentee? Click HERE to sign up or let us know any great ways you've thought of to give back.

Please take pictures...let us know what you're doing!



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