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The Mentoring Network, Inc. serves five rural school districts (Nampa, Caldwell, Parma, Homedale, Vallivue) offering school-based mentoring to at-risk students, grades 1st-8th.

The goals of the mentoring program are to improve at-risk students' attendance, grades, and behaviors through friendship building with responsible, caring adults (18yrs. and older) who meet with their student one hour, once a week, on the school grounds, during the school year.

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Good Boundaries

My mentee was being totally obnoxious. He was rude, impertinent, and out of control. I had HAD it. I decided the next week I would tell him I was done with him.

When we next met, I told him we were going to the principal's office. The principal talked to him and told him I was thinking about not mentoring him anymore. She told him he had really hurt me by his behavior. He was quiet for a minute.

Then he turned around and said, "I'm sorry. I won't ever do it again. Just don't leave me."

I told him, "You have got to change some of your attitude. I can't do it for you. You have to do it yourself."

Since then I've had a different kid. We laugh and talk the whole time. I said to him, "See, isn't it nicer being this way?" "Yes," he replied. "I can talk to anyone now! It's good to be able to sit and talk with you though."

"I will be your friend for life," I told him. "Not just your mentor."

It is my hope that these kids can change and have a better life.

When we heard this story it reminded us again that kids need and want boundaries. Boundaries help teach kids the social cues necessary to empathize and interact with others. They learn that other people have feelings too. They learn to respect. Eventually they see that 'no" is not always or even often a bad thing. It's a word that will keep them safe through life if they learn to use and listen to it appropriately.

As you give your time to these children, remember that setting boundaries is a blessing for all and will help them learn to set them for themselves as they travel through life.

Kid's Quotes


"My mentee has a wonderful imagination and she had been make-believing at recess with her friends. The friends were all pretending to be very evil creatures.

When she told me, I said, 'You should pretend to be something good. You are so sweet, why don't you pretend to be a little angel?'
'Is an angel better than an evil creature?' She asked.

'Yes, angels try to find ways to do good and help others.' So she decided to pretend to be a little angel. Each week she would tell me about it.

Recently I've learned that she has used her leadership skills so that now there is a flock of little angels playing on the playground...and hopefully the classroom. One wonders what the graduating class will look like if this continues through high school. "

Mentee, 2nd grade, 1.3 years in The MN


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Service Projects

One of our mentor/mentee pairs painted a cheery poster picture of a spring day that said 'Spring Brings Brighter Days' for a senior through CCOA.

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